Mastering and Remastering

  Online Mastering and Remastering

Inhouse mastering engineer is Jean Charles Carbone, experienced in pop, rock, old sound blues, indie, electronic and in remastering from vinyl.


The current compression algorithm is the MD3 - System 6000. Even if digital mastering is the most common choice using linear plug-ins, most often analogue is necessary like an 1178 or a 1/4" tape resampled.


Converters used are Apogee 16X AD+DA. Extra monitoring available are multimedia speakers and various homish radios.


Listen to some mastering


Like mixing, mastering is quite usually done online.

We share the files until the final version using DropBox.


After conclusion a DDPi will be uploaded on our server with 320Kbps and 160Kbps mp3 HQ encoded files, and an Audio CD will be shipped to your address. Also a DDPi can be shipped on request.


Versions provided: mastering in original sample rate and bit deph and in 16 bit/44.1Khz.



IMPORTANT: Read how to prepare your masters and files