Online Mixing

Abnegat Records provides all the necessary tools to achieve the highest level of mixing. Converters used are Apogee 16X AD+DA.

Five engineers are available if you need. Talking toghether we'll mix and find out wich is your sound.


Both digital and analogue mix can be engineered, masters can be stamp on digital thru a unique custom converter designed from our team or on a 1/4" tape....


Freelance engineers are welcome home.


Listen to some mix


Online mix saves time and gets in touch people from all over the world. It's open to every band that records in professional studios and in dirty home garages.


Producers who mix everything in their studio and only wants a punch of analog sum from the console are welcome, we respect your balance and your pans. DropBox is our upload tool.


Versions provided: mix, instrumental, acappella in original sample rate and bit deph, and in 16-44.1.


IMPORTANT: Read how to prepare your mix