Production with producers and musicians

Full production, from scratch recording to preproduction, recording, mixing and mastering is what we do with abnegation for artist and labels since lot of years. Whole kind of music is at home here.

The budget needs to be established project by project.


Audio Branding and Soundtracks with producers, composers, sound designers

We produce soundtracks, sound identities, jingles and sound effects. The cost and the schedule time should be established for every project. Standard price starts at €-150/minute.


DemoTAPE with producers and sound engineers

Real gooood sounding demo has been done here. This because we love to do it as a real record, capturing the feeling of the band and using the same high-end equipment used in "major" productions. Usually in 1 days, 12 songs on a demoTape are recorded, mixed and mastered.


We personalize quote for your project and on your ideas. On the right , the standard prices.


Per Hour:

- first hour -150€ then -50€/h (with inhouse engineer)


Per Day Studio (9 hours):

- empty studio -250€

- with inhouse assistant -300€

- with inhouse engineer -450€

- with inhouse producer contact us

- every extra hour (after 9 hours) -50€


Online Mix:

- 250€ up to 32 tracks/400€ up to 64 tracks


Online Mastering:

- 90€ per song including 2 corrections



- 5€ per person each day