- Qualified engineering team and assistants, english, italian and french speaking

- desk 1 for tracking is a custom EMT MM40 console, transformer based 40+40 channels w balanced inserts and solder-free patchbay

- desk 2 for tracking is a one HANDMADE RCA CADAC console, tranformer based, inductance eqs, dynamics on every channel

- 3 separated rooms for recording, the studio room is dry, and the reverb room is very wet and great for strings or drum

- wide range of intruments are in house, like the concert piano Bechstein, vintage basses and guitars, organs, drums... view the list

- sound with character, preamps like Magnecorders from the '50, amp like Acoustic, Davoli, Fender, Mastertone '50, and other joy toys

- outboards engineering standard and vintage legends like Pultec, Tubetech, Kinevox, Collins and RCA ready to be used

- monitoring incredibly calibrated on Spendor SP1, ns-10+sub, midfield Martin Gamma 312S+sub and on Soundcraftsmen coaxial 15"

- tracking on PT 9/10HD thru Apogee 16X AD+DA (customized) or half analogue/digital using digidesign SYNC to clock tape machines

- customized A80 mk1 1 inch/8 tracks ready to roll and Otari MTR12 1/4 inch/2 tracks

- ready to all kind of recording, from string sections to rock band, electronic and acoustic with lots of ribbon and condenser custom mics