Jean Charles Carbone

Inhouse Producer/Engineer/Composer/Arr.


Started as composer at 14 years old, worked for national television and labels, was awarded with multiple platinum and gold records for labels like Sugar, Universal, Bmg, EMI. Recently he shared credits with Ronan Chris Murphy, Steve Vai, Chris Robinson, Alan Vega, Jarvis Cocker, Gavin Friday, Marco Pandolfi, Il Genio and many others, producing for both new and well-known artists.


Michele Paciulli

Freelance Sound Designer/Engineer/Composer/Arr.


One of the fathers of Korg M1, since 1986 part of Korg Inc. Japan R&D and SD, and world wide official demonstrator. Synthesist, Keyboard virtuoso. Since 1977 working in recording studios as session, composer, arranger, artistic producer, sound engineer all over the world.


Marco Fasolo

Freelance Producer/Engineer/Composer/Arr.


Mastermind of all Jennifer Gentle's records (Sub Pop Records), has friends and admirers all over the world like Graham Coxon, Mark Arm, Julian Cope, The Mars Volta, Alan Bishop, Dandy Warhols, Oneida, Chris Robinson, shared credits with Il Genio, Mamuthones, Slumberwood, Love in Elevator, Venua, C+C=Maxigross, and many more. Mahatma of total vintage analog sound.


Davide M. Venco

Freelance Producer/Engineer


Davide has been working regularly at Britannia Row for nearly 3 years. He came highly recommended by James Loughrey who had been working with him at Strongroom Studios. He shares credits with Youth, Jim Abbiss, James Ford and with bands like Futureheads, Killing Joke, The View, Klaxons.